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SHISUK (Shikha Shastha Unnayan Karzakram) stands for Education, Healty and Development Program is an Independent, non-profit,non-goverment Organization which has emerged with distinct mandates since its inception in 1994. Self-reliant sustainable community development is the motto of SHISUK. The focus is on upholding the worth of every human being and the solidarity to offer everyone a dignified peaceful existence, regardless of age, class, gender, origin, religion or political convictive. SHISUK interts to demonstrate management of resources: human, knowledge, land, water and capital in partnership with the community to facilitate self-reliant sustainable development and equitable sharing of benefits. SHISUK addresses sustainable through community approach involving the disadvantaged and influential class together in the process of socioeconomic development offering more interaction and participation of stakeholders to create an enabling environment for good gvernance, generation of innovative ideas, initiation of community actions to foster replication of good practices and influencing policy changes.