Migration and Human Trafficking

 SHISUK has been implementing projects since 1995 to reduce the vulnerability of Bangladeshi overseas migrant workers including trafficking in the name of migration and to ensure their rights and well-being.

·       SHISUK is also member of CARAM-Asia (Coordination of Action Research on AIDS and Mobility, www.caram.org) since 1999, a network with of partners in 18 countries.

  • Founder Member and Secretariat of Bangladesh Migration and Development forum (BMDF).
  • National focal point  (for 2006 -2007) of South Asian Regional Initiative for Equity and Justice (SARI EJ) facilitate by UNODC and supported by USAID
  • Member Secretary and Secretariat of APACHA Bangladesh since 2006 (www.apachanet.org), APACHA stands for Asian Peoples Alliance for Combating HIV and AIDS.

Supported 127 Migrant workers to get compensation. 127 Bangladeshi Migrant Workers (MWs) were legally employed by two Malaysian company; Chung Wah Plastic Co. and Fiman Packaging Co. in 1999. The Malaysian employer was not paying their wages regularly as per the contract. When demanded salary, overtime, increment etc. the employer tortured them mentally and physically and forcefully thrown out some MWs damaging their passport and other legal documentsThis is a instance of establishing UN Convention 1990 regarding MWs’ right.

The employer managed 79 MWs unlawfully. Rest 46 MWs were adamant to strive hard to establish their legitimate rights. 46 migrant workers received Tk 1.3 million equivalent to RM 839,936. The rights of the deprived Bangladeshi Migrant Workers finally established after 7 years legal battle against their employer. Malaysian High Court gave the verdict on April 18,2005 upholding the judgement of Malaysian Labour Court delivered on April 24,2000

The survivors were not able to unite themselves to raise their voices against the traffickers and  the flagrant violation of their rights. Since 1997 SHISUK has been working to organize the self-help groups and CBOs of migrant workers.

o   SHISUK has been implementing the Survivor Support Service supported by WI ACT program since 2009, had supported 268 survivors till to date. SHISUK has performed its targeted responsibilities; moreover the project has attainted following milestone achievements in the area of rescue, prosecution and reintegration - 

o   SHISUK was closely involved with the total process of 19 survivor’s Rescue and Repatriation from Tanzanian jail. The survivors were repatriated from Tanzania jail on 21 September 2012 after 9 to 21 months struggle. The news was well broadcast with priority in at electronic and print media. SHISUK is supporting the survivors in the process of prosecution and repatriation.

o   In regards to Prosecution, ACT-SS program implementing by SHISUK has facilitated in filing the 1st case of male trafficked victim under Manob pachar protirodh O Domon Ain 2012 at Noagoan judge district court. Besides 4 other cases were filed on behalf of survivors at Manikgonj, Kapasia(Gazipur), Meherpur and Rajshahi.

o   SHISUK-ACT-SS program was also involved in the process of Rescue and Repatriation, Prosecution and Integration of 19 Survivors from Nepal. The program has been providing the legal support to the survivors for their cases under Manob pachar protirodh O Domon Ain 2012.  It is to mention that after receiving the Lifeskill training and entrepreneurship training 12 Survivors among these 19s have initiated an excellent collective enterprise in Meherpur district for livelihood reintegration. SHISUK provided necessary support to them.