🎙️ SHISUK's Executive Director, Sakiul Millat Morshed, Engages Audience at APO Productivity Show 🌍 JUNE 13, 2023

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) recently hosted a captivating talk show, where Sakiul Millat Morshed, the Executive Director of SHISUK, took center stage to shed light on gain sharing and the impactful activities carried out by SHISUK. The APO, established in 1961 as an intergovernmental organization, aims to enhance productivity in the Asia-Pacific region through cooperative efforts among its member countries.During the talkshow, Morshed captivated the audience with his deep understanding of gain sharing, an innovative approach that fosters collaboration and maximizes productivity within organizations. Morshed emphasized SHISUK's commitment to implementing gain sharing practices as a core part of their organizational strategy. He shared remarkable success stories of how gain sharing had revolutionized the productivity and work culture at SHISUK. Link : https://www.youtube.com/live/8_MxNLWWtcs?feature=share