Story of establishing Community Seed Bank by women

 Community Seed Bank is developing by women of Daudkandi upazila through the facilitation of SHISUK.A distinctive feature of SHISUK's initiatives is the empowerment of women farmers. Through targeted awareness programs and skill-building endeavors, women are not only motivated to embrace agroecology but are actively engaged in the hands-on production of vermicompost and bio-pesticides. The fruits of their labor are evident as toxic-free vegetables flourish under their care. A captivating video encapsulates this transformative journey, showcasing the resilience and commitment of Daudkandi's women farmers. It is a visual testament to the power of sustainable farming practices, illustrating how a community, guided by principles of environmental stewardship, can pave the way for a greener, healthier tomorrow. #SHISUK #AgroecologyRevolution #SustainableFarming #EmpowerWomenFarmers 🌱🌾